Rainbow Center operates 2 group living opportunities licensed by the State of Nebraska as Mental Health facilities.  Each is licensed for 10 adults, a minimum of 19 years of age or older.  Both houses are staffed by twenty four hour awake staff.  Residents must be able to care for their own needs on different levels dependent on the house they are living in.   As a resident’s skill level increases, Rainbow Center encourages them to transition to a lesser restrictive environment which may include independent living.



Walles House/Psych Res Rehab is staffed in compliance with State regulations.  Staff at Walles house are certified med aides and are certified to provide medications with the supervision of a Registered Nurse.  Residents also participate in up to 25 hours of educational groups each week.  On a daily basis the topic of these groups will vary covering many areas such as daily living skills, proper use of community services, and exposure to low cost leisure time activities as well as groups concerning mental health issues.  Residents of Walles house are encouraged to develop and present groups to their peers.



Residents of Boulevard Place are provided a more independent style of living.  Residents of this house must be able to care for their personal hygiene and be able to demonstrate their ability to take their medications as prescribed by their doctor, do their own laundry, and assist with meal planning and preparation.  Residents are encouraged to develop support systems outside of the facility using family and friends in the community.  When residents move from Boulevard Place our goal is for them to move into independent living.